Why PR is essential for overseas firms setting up in Ireland

For the many UK and other overseas firms considering Ireland as a post-Brexit gateway to Europe, PR can provide the springboard for a successful launch.

Last autumn, a survey found that almost 60% of UK-based companies in the financial and professional services sectors had begun ‘contingency planning’ ahead of the country’s exit from the EU.

Their preferred destination? Quite close to home as it turns out! A whopping three-quarters of the UK companies surveyed said they were considering Ireland as their new European base.

It remains to be seen how many UK-based companies do end up re-locating to Ireland because of Brexit, however the survey underlined our continuing attractiveness to overseas investment.

After all, long before any of us had even heard of the word ‘Brexit’, the world’s biggest tech firms had already made their home from home in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and elsewhere.

Ingredients of a successful launch

For any overseas company thinking about setting up in Ireland, there are a number of ingredients – property, personnel, finance, technology – that are essential to a successful launch.

One of the ingredients that is equally essential, but occasionally overlooked, is Public Relations.

We have helped several high-profile overseas clients to make their move to Ireland, using both our international connections and superior local knowledge to ensure they got off to a fast, successful start.

Here are a couple of reasons why PR must be part of the plan for any company eyeing Ireland as a potential new base.

PR gives you the lie of the land

When you sit down to brief a PR agency about your Irish plans, they will be able to give you a holistic overview of the market you are about to enter. 

That will include valuable insights, not only about your specific PR / communications challenges and goals but about your competitors, the Irish media, potential issues you are likely to face, the business landscape, the ‘state of the nation’.

PR agencies routinely act as their clients’ ‘eyes and ears’, always scanning the market for news and developments of relevance, and this starts on day one.

PR is the best way to get noticed

Working with a local PR agency instantly gives you access to local media: vitally important if you want to make sure your business is understood and accepted by your target audience.

Your agency will explain which media – individual correspondents as well as outlets – are likely to add the most value to your company launch, and what is the best strategy with which to target them.

Implementing a pre-launch PR strategy ensures that when the big day comes, all relevant media are on message and equipped with every possible piece of information they need to report the facts.

The fact that your message appears in an editorial context gives it way more credibility – about 90% more, it is estimated – than simply placing an ad in the same title.

PR keeps you ticking over

Once you’re up and running, you’re going to need to stay focussed on the business – this is where PR comes into its own.

While you are taking care of the day-to-day operation, your PR agency / strategy will be ticking away in the background – issuing releases, liaising with media, managing your content calendar, generating brand stories, seeking profile opportunities, ensuring the word continues to spread.

The relationship-building nature of PR means that over time, the accumulation of coverage and awareness will build credibility, trust and brand reputation among your customers / stakeholders – while you get on with the day job!

PR will contribute to your bottom line

As more people start to find out about you in a context they know and trust – media that is relevant to them – more of them will begin to understand and accept your business.

In this way, PR is filling up the top of your sales funnel with leads who ‘get’ what your brand is about and what it can do for them. One good article in the right place can result in a big sales spike, plus of course more awareness – and more leads.

Also, PR-generated coverage remains long after the publication date so it can boost sales and growth for weeks, months or even longer.

Get PR working for you

If your company is considering relocating to Ireland from the UK, USA or another market, we can help. Get in touch for a free consultation and get the PR machine working for you.

(Photo via Bloomberg.)

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