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PR agencies bring together diverse skills and different personalities, all working together in perfect harmony...

We’ve blogged before about some of the characteristics required to forge a successful career in PR, such as outstanding communications skills and an insatiable appetite for learning.

For students who may be considering a course in PR or graduates about to take their first steps into the industry, we’ve also highlighted some of the reasons why Public Relations is a great career choice.

One of the major aspects – benefits – of working in PR that we haven’t focussed on is the strong team ethic that binds every good agency together.

Plenty of other businesses rely on teamwork too but when it happens in a PR firm, it’s a thing of beauty! Here are 4 examples of why PR is all about the team.

Looking after clients

Depending on the size of the agency, a PR client may have more than one point of contact but in general it’s the account manager who handles the day-to-day interaction.

Each and every client, however, has multiple people feeding into the account: executive, creative, management, financial and other staff all have a role to play.

Coming up with ideas

While idea generation is widely considered to be a creative task, brainstorming sessions are a cool opportunity to get everyone involved.

Client executives, admin people, interns, even senior management can pitch in and you know what? The more the merrier – out of the bedlam comes great ideas!

Getting a story published

That’s the copywriter’s job, right? Not quite. The copywriter will draft and edit the story, but he or she is often working to a brief supplied by the client executive, while the client director is busy pitching the story to media.

By the time the story appears in print and online, it’s been through a well-oiled machine of agency staff.

Organising events

This is PR teamwork at its finest. For smaller agencies in particular, a high-profile event is an all-hands-on-deck scenario.

Everyone is expected to do their bit, whether it’s rehearsing the speech with the client MD or rounding up guests when it’s time to get things started. With everyone pulling in the same direction, events can be exhilarating.

Want to find out for yourself?

If you love the team dynamic, you’ll love the world of PR – and the good news is, we are hiring!

We currently have vacancies for a PR Client Executive, a PR Intern and a Finance Manager.

Join our talent pool on Jobbio and let’s see what you’ve got.

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