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Resolve to write better in 2018

In PR, everyone’s a copywriter. Now you know! Of course, not everyone has the word ‘copywriter’ in their job description but almost everything that happens in the average PR agency is founded on the written word.

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5 tips for overcoming writer's block

Anyone facing the dreaded blank page can use these tips for overcoming writer's block.

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7 simple SEO writing tips

Anyone writing for a living these days needs to know the basics of SEO (search engine optimization).

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7 ways to spring-clean your copy

So you’re not a full time copywriter – then again who is? These days we’re all in the publishing game to some extent, producing and packaging content for all sorts of audiences, channels and applications.

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Want to break into PR? Work on your writing skills

We’ve blogged before about the qualities and characteristics required to forge a successful career in Public Relations. An ability to think strategically. A good understanding of the media. An appetite for continuous learning. Some skills you can learn, others you’re born with.

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Six steps to writing a good speech

Speaking in public is rarely anything less than an ordeal. For some people it’s a mildly unpleasant experience that has to be got through, like a driving test or the proverbial trip to the dentist. For others it’s quite simply a fate worse than death.

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What the PR industry can learn from Elmore Leonard

The American novelist Elmore Leonard died on 20 August last year, at the grand old age of 87. He began his career as an advertising copywriter in the 1920s before moving into fiction, first writing a series of western novels and then finding his true calling – and his unique voice – in the crime genre.

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Big up your blogging in one, two, three…

Everyone’s blogging these days. Case in point? You’re now reading a blog post about blogging. In almost every job, across every sector, at every level, people are expected to produce content that explains and attracts in equal measure.

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SEO writing for non-robots

We posted something recently on the facts and fiction of writing for SEO, and it seems to have really struck a chord with the PR community.

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