The PR power of networking

We are all trying to increase our social media presence these days, and everyone has a few fall-back techniques designed to give the profile and follower count a boost.

On Twitter, re-tweeting others’ tweets in the hope that they will RT one of yours is probably the best and most effective way of getting yourself out there. It’s also, needless to say, a good way to make friends and it’s certainly one of the ways we keep in touch with our PRGN partners around the globe.

Away from the screen, meanwhile, the same urge to reach out and connect exists – particularly in the world of PR where a handshake, a business card and a LinkedIn follow-up can lead to all sorts of surprising opportunities. You just never know. That talkative lady sitting beside you on the plane might be looking to spread the word about her start-up. The gentleman asking to borrow the sugar at a breakfast briefing could be thinking about changing his PR agency, and guess what? You’re right there!

There are exciting, helpful and potentially profitable new connections just waiting to be made – for those who are open to making them. Maybe it comes more naturally to PR people, but the ability to network is still one of the most fundamentally important business skills you can possess.

Our PRGN colleague Shelby Ray from Phoenix, Arizona-based HMA Public Relations has penned these excellent thoughts on the enduring power and importance of networking, which David Landis – also of the PRGN family – shared on his LinkedIn page. (See? Networking!)

Well worth a read. In which spirit, it’s almost time for us to zap off a few #FFs on Twitter, but first we mention again that Friday is hands-down the most dangerous day of the week on Irish roads. Police stats show that you are more likely to have an accident between 2pm and 6pm on Fridays than at any other time of the week.

The message? Slow down. Be patient. Networking is one thing, but swapping insurance details doesn’t count! Have a great one.

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