Stressed Irish workers losing sleep - Viking

A survey of Irish workers has found that both men and women are experiencing high levels of stress and frustration in the workplace.

The survey, conducted by office supplier Viking, quizzed workers about their level of job satisfaction, and in particular how happy they are with their current work-life balance.

Unsurprisingly, the Viking survey found high levels of stress and pressure among both men and women in the workplace. For most men (28%) stress is the main emotion they associate with their job while most women (36%) cite frustration as the feeling they most associate with work.

The survey found that switching off from work is more difficult for men (78%) than for women (54%), with both sexes suffering as a result – 62% of women and a staggering 81% of men say they have lost sleep due to pressure of work.

“A certain level of stress is normal in almost every job but our survey suggests that most Irish workers are feeling extremely pressurised in the workplace,” said Michael Walby, Director of Viking in Ireland. “If that’s the case, if you’re actually losing sleep as a result of your job, we recommend you talk about it to your boss or at the very least a colleague.

“Whatever the job, there are ways to make it less stressful, whether it’s delegating some of the workload, arranging flexi-time or working from home now and then, or simply getting getter organised,” he went on.

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