'Staycationing' as popular as ever

Research by motoring solutions specialist easytrip has found that the trend for ‘staycationing’ is as strong as ever, with 65% of holidaymakers stating that this summer they are staying in Ireland.

Of those who intend to holiday in Ireland, Galway is the most popular destination with almost 30% of survey respondents planning to head west this summer. 60% of respondents estimated that their car journey will take between three to four hours, with the majority (56%) travelling with family members to their holiday destination.

The survey also found that less than a quarter (23%) of motorists take the time to check their oil, water and tyre pressure before setting off – however a whopping 86% find time to look up their journey on the internet.

“Checking your oil, water and tyres is an absolute must before any long drive so this one is a little puzzling,” said Ciara O’Brien of easytrip. “Maybe people are more concerned about getting lost than having car trouble, but it should be the other way around.

“If you’re setting off on a family holiday, your main priority should be reaching your destination safely which means making sure you can rely on your car to get you there,” she went on. “By all means Google the route, but only after you’ve attended to the basics of oil, water and tyres!”

Easytrip top tips for staycationers:

The basics: Before setting off, check your oil, water and petrol levels.

Tyres: Check your tyre pressure, tread depth and general condition (including the spare).

Lights: Make sure headlights and indicators are clean and working properly.

Avoid black spots: If you can, steer clear of heavily congested roads or dangerous areas where cars are at risk. If you do get stuck in traffic, be patient.

Tolling: Is there a toll gate along your route? Have the right change ready – or better still, get yourself a toll tag so you can go through the express lane.

If something goes wrong: If you’re unlucky enough to have a breakdown or accident, contact emergency services or breakdown operators, then keep well away from danger while you wait. (Easytrip’s new SOS app is available to download for free and allows a driver to contact a call centre immediately which can then pinpoint their exact location and get help.

Cullen Communications handles PR for easytrip

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