PRGN Survey Highlights Interview Habits

A company’s annual report is the first port of call for most Irish journalists (86%) when preparing to interview a company CEO, with social media well down the research pecking order. Of those Irish journalists who do use social media to prepare for interviews, Twitter is the preferred source for the majority (71%).

These are among the findings of a survey conducted by Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) among its 14 European member agencies including Cullen Communications, Ireland’s sole member of the international alliance.

The survey examined the requirements of 165 leading business and marketing journalists from around Europe when preparing for interviews with company heads, with key findings including (European average unless otherwise stated):

  • Top research sources for journalists: Annual reports (64%), press releases (59%), and past media coverage (58%)
  • Preferred venues/locations for interviews: Company’s office or production site (67%), restaurants/bar (55%) and telephone interviews (53%). In Ireland, 75% prefer phone interviews.
  • Journalists’ key expectations of CEOs: Outstanding knowledge of the company and market (92%), personality (86%) and track record/performance (72%).
  • Top interview “No Go’s” for CEOs: Arrogant behaviour (75%), not answering critical questions (73%) and talking in platitudes (62%). All Irish journalists said that not answering critical questions was the biggest ‘no go’.
  • Approval of quotes: On average, 41% of journalists always allow the review of quotes. The survey found that media independence appears to be a cultural phenomenon with only 14% of Irish journalists allowing quotes to be reviewed.

Cullen Communications is Ireland’s sole member of PRGN

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