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Workplace productivity peaks on Tuesday - survey

A survey by leading office supplier Viking has found that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in Irish workplaces while Friday is the least productive day, with 62% of respondents admitting that they start winding down when the weekend is just around the corner.

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Steady growth for PRGN

PRGN, the global network of independent PR agencies of which Cullen Communications is Ireland’s sole member, had combined agency revenues of more than $110 million in 2013.

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5-star Ford EcoSport stars on Today FM

The new Ford EcoSport is set to feature in an innovative series of webisodes on Today FM’s Louise Duffy Show.

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'Staycationing' as popular as ever

Research by motoring solutions specialist easytrip has found that the trend for ‘staycationing’ is as strong as ever, with 65% of holidaymakers stating that this summer they are staying in Ireland.

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The PR power of networking

We are all trying to increase our social media presence these days, and everyone has a few fall-back techniques designed to give the profile and follower count a boost.

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Irish Ford Dealerships take Euro honours

Six Irish Ford Dealerships have been honoured at the prestigious 2013 Ford Chairman’s Awards in recognition of their sales and customer service performance over the past 12 months.

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'Tailgating' on the rise, says easytrip

Most of us are guilty of sometimes driving too close to the car in front - intentionally or not - however the dangerous practice of ‘tailgating’ has become more common than ever on Irish roads.

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Stressed Irish workers losing sleep - Viking

A survey of Irish workers has found that both men and women are experiencing high levels of stress and frustration in the workplace.

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PRGN Survey Highlights Interview Habits

A company’s annual report is the first port of call for most Irish journalists (86%) when preparing to interview a company CEO, with social media well down the research pecking order. Of those Irish journalists who do use social media to prepare for interviews, Twitter is the preferred source for the majority (71%).

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Outlook better (and busier) for small businesses

A recent survey found that more small firms will be putting on a Christmas party for employees this year, however almost 1 in 3 SMEs has admitted they will also be busier than ever this festive season as they try to generate extra revenue before the year’s end.

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