On International Women’s Day, Enterprise Rent-A-Car looks to the next generation

This Sunday marks International Women’s Day, a milestone that will be proudly celebrated around the world with millions of people taking part in campaigns and events highlighting women’s rights.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) is ‘Make it Happen’, a global call to action designed to encourage both women and men to continue supporting and promoting gender equality at home, at work, in everyday life.

We’ll be celebrating the occasion too, as will our client Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a company for whom gender diversity is a living, breathing reality.

For Enterprise, the world’s largest car rental brand, gender diversity is not an HR-specific issue but a wider business issue. Diversity is stitched into the company’s recruitment strategy and runs right through the business, to management training, internal diversity initiatives, all the way up to the top.

And by the top, we mean the very top – in 2013 Pam Nicholson was appointed CEO of Enterprise Holdings, taking over as second-in-command of the entire global group.

In recent years, seven females have been promoted to Enterprise management roles in Ireland, bringing the company’s total females in management figure to more than one-third of the entire management team. Talk about walking the diversity walk.

Enterprise offers mentoring to all management trainees as well as internal benefits including pre and post maternity training, phase-back for employees returning from maternity leave and job shadowing events for female employees.

These are more than just ‘nice’ ideas. By developing female talent and ensuring that women form a representative proportion at all levels, Enterprise is actually improving its future sustainability – and its bottom line.

We’re very proud to work with a company as inspirationally diverse as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and on their behalf – as well as our own – we wish you all a great International Women’s Day!

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