How PR can give small business more bang for its buck

A growing economy means big opportunities for small businesses, but the challenge is to get noticed – here’s why Public Relations is a good bet for SMEs.

Almost every start-up and small business faces a similar challenge when they go to market – we have a great product but we need to get our name out there quickly and on a limited budget. What’s the best way to go about it?

With companies increasingly finding that advertising has become less effective and more expensive, many small businesses are turning to PR – with good reason. Here’s why Public Relations is so effective for SMEs.

Investing in the long haul

The number one benefit of PR is to help brands build relationships that will generate positive awareness and long-term brand growth.

For small businesses, the accumulation of coverage and awareness can help you to build credibility and trust among all your key audiences: media, influencers and of course customers. Over time, this is what helps to deliver sales, success and profitability.

You’re planning to be around for the long haul anyway, so why not make a long-term investment in your brand through PR?

Getting results

It may be a long-term strategy, but PR delivers tangible results in the form of earned coverage – something you can’t put a price on.

The beauty of PR-generated coverage is that it carries more credibility than paid media (e.g. advertising). When you invest in PR, your messages are appearing in an editorial context so they carry more weight and are considered more trustworthy than advertising.

A cost-effective strategy

Any small business thinking “Should I go with advertising or PR?” might like to consider a 2014 survey by the global marketing firm inPowered, which found that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising.

PR is simply more cost-effective, especially when considered in the longer term. When an ad campaign is over, it’s over. PR-generated coverage, e.g. online news and reviews, remains ‘active’ after the publication date so can boost sales and growth for weeks, months or even longer.

PR boosts profitability

There’s nothing fuzzy or vague about Public Relations – it’s not a ‘nice to have’ but an important growth strategy that contributes to the bottom line.

PR makes small brands more visible, more understood and more trusted by potential customers because they are reading about those brands in a context they know and trust – media that is relevant to them.

In this way, PR fills up the top of the sales funnel with leads – one good article in the ‘right’ place can result in a big sales spike, plus of course more awareness and even more leads.

Want to get the PR machine working for you?

More and more Irish start-ups and SMEs are finding that good PR is the best way to get the word out there. If you’d like to discuss how PR can help your brand, we’d be happy to talk.

Contact us today and we’ll arrange a free consultation – thanks for reading!

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