How PR and SEO can work together for Irish SMEs

Less than a decade ago, PR had pretty much nothing to do with SEO – and vice versa. All that has changed. Let's take a look at how PR and SEO can work together for Irish SMEs.

A combination of factors including the emergence of the content marketing model, plus crucial changes to the Google algorithm, means that Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization are now virtually one and the same thing.

How has this come about?

Prioritising content

One word: content. When Google began prioritising the quality and relevance of content being published – not to mention the quality and relevance of links – the content marketing movement kicked into a different gear.

Both marketers and SMEs realised that hitting the right people at the right time with the right piece of content could not only generate traffic, leads and customers, it could also build long-term brand awareness in a sustainable, organic way.

So it has proved. Publishing highly relevant, helpful, insightful content shoots you right up the Google results ranking – and the rest follows. Content is key. Content, like never before, is king.

Thing is, this great content ‘secret’ is something PR professionals have known all along! When you are writing for earned media coverage, you better make sure your subject is relevant and your style is engaging.

Good writing has been a cornerstone of Public Relations since the very first press release was issued more than 100 years ago. As industry bible PR Week puts it, “in PR, writing is everything”.

PR, SEO shared goals                    Click here to access our quickguide to SEO

Furthermore, now that the communications industry has migrated online, quality links have become almost as important as quality content for both PR practitioners and SEO specialists. Both professions have the same goals, and pretty much the same methods of achieving them.

So should we even be talking about PR and SEO as distinct professions? Answer – yes. They go hand in hand as far as content creation goes, but there still remain areas where one discipline can learn from the other.

Media relations

For example, the media relations element of PR means that most agencies can point to more meaningful connections within the publishing and influencer communities. Those contacts, built up over many years, are not likely to disappear overnight and can prove invaluable to any SEO specialist with solid links to a PR agency.

Likewise, most specialist SEO providers would probably have a technological edge and can help PR firms with insights and best practices in areas like scheduling and targeting.

Ultimately, as we’ve said, contemporary PR and SEO share a striking number of goals, skills and methodologies. That trend is only likely to increase as content – and links to that content – become more and more valuable in attracting and building relationships with relevant audiences (consumers, bloggers, media).

This is something to be embraced by both PR and SEO practitioners. Knowledge is power after all, and in that respect both industries have much to offer one another.

Contact us today if you'd like to talk about how SEO can help your PR efforts, and vice versa.

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