Food for thought on ‘Fatal Friday’

Everyone’s trying to increase their social media presence in the digital age and we all have a few fall-back techniques designed to give the profile a boost, like re-tweeting and getting re-tweeted in turn – just this week the gurus at PR Daily announced that getting RT’d is one of the best ways to raise your online profile. It’s a good way to make friends too, and certainly one of the ways we keep in touch with our PRGN partners around the globe.

There’s also the #FF phenomenon, although as we prepare for the slew of friendly Follow-Friday messages that will land this afternoon, it’s worth considering another ‘FF’ on the day that’s in it.  According to Gardai (Irish police), Friday is the most dangerous day of the week on Irish roads, with almost a quarter of all road deaths occurring on ‘Fatal Friday’. The figures apparently show that road users are most at risk between 2pm and 6pm on Fridays, which begs the question: why? Is the sense of relief at finishing work after a long week so great that we lapse into casual or even reckless driving? Are we in such a rush to get home, or to the golf course, or to whatever delights that await us, that we are willing to drive dangerously?

Working with automotive clients like Ford and Continental Tyres , we’re always interested in road safety issues and it was no surprise to see the AA reveal that tailgating – driving too close to the car in front – is the “number one irritation” among UK motorists. If you’ve ever had someone glued to your rear-end while you’re trying to concentrate on what’s in front, you’ll understand.

Tailgating is not just extremely dangerous, it’s also rude and downright aggressive. Would you tailgate someone if you were on foot? Not without some sort of facial protection maybe. We’ve highlighted tailgating and other bad driving before as part of the Semperit Courtesy Code but it seems there are drivers out there who still haven’t got the message. So if you find yourself following someone this Friday, remember the other meaning of #FF and kindly back off!

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